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Torley Nigeria was official launched in 2016 by Davies Chigozie Iyiegbu as the exclusive importer of the Torley Brand in Nigeria , the Torley Hungary being the parent company was founded by Joseph Törley who had its business registered at the Budapest Court of Registration on 1 August, 1882 under the name of “Törley József és Társa” /Joseph Törley and Co./. Thus, the history of Törley wine goes back to nearly a century and a half.


We strive to serve perfectly the widest possible consumer demand. We follow the international and domestic trends, each year Torley introduces several new products both in the domestic and export markets, carry out innovations in packaging technology, so that the widest possible circle of consumers can find the right product in our portfolio..


Torley produces quality wines in a wine-production facility that is modern also from the aspect of European standards. Quality is the primary aspect of our grape raw material supply..

Torley Nigeria

We thrive in making exceptional sparkling wine that is engineered with class.


Torley is the largest wine-maker and grape producer of Hungary, with its own vineyard of more than 850 hectares. It controls and performs all the workflow from grape growing to the bottling activities, therefore the wine production technology is still in one hand. High-quality raw material is the key to the quality product, and this way also to the success of Törley Kft., already for 135 years.


The name Törley in Hungary is identical with wine. As the best-known and most recognized wine brand, the Törley name is tied to quality and the respect for traditions. For decades, Torley company has been one of the dominant players in the Hungarian beverage market and is a distributor of a number of international brands. Uniquely, Törley produces more than 60 different kinds  of wine in Hungary by using four types of technology – ranging from completely dry to sweet ones, from low priced ones to the more expensive ones – under the egis of tradition and quality, both for the domestic and international market.


The Torley philisophy is to follow the products from the grape to the customer’s table. This means that all workflows are controlled by Torley, starting from grape growing through wine production, wine production, bottling and transportation to the service of customers. Our company still identifies itself with Joseph Törley’s motto:.

“I do not want to sell imperfect goods because of the company’s good reputation.”. 

Torley Nigeria

The History


Production Milestone

Torley reached the production level of two million bottles a year. In the 1930’s, the demand for wine grew again, but the success was eventually broken by the Second World War, followed by a period full of difficulties and then a rebirth.



Reborn and Revived

The plant had been trying to survive, employing only four people. Production started again in 1951, and Törley became the onlywine factory of the country under the supervision of Unicum Liqueur Factory.




Törley Holding was established in 2005, and thereafter, it merged with Szent István Korona, which was created by the transformation of Hungarovin and György-Villa, acquiring first Walton in 2010 then François winery in 2013. Finally, in 2014 Hungária also merged with Törley, which is still holding its market leading position in Hungary.



Torley Nigeria Launched

Torley introduced the new range of its sparkling wine products (Charmant Doux, Fortuna, Talisman and Charmant Rose) to the Nigerian market, through an exclusive partnership with Bioworld Technologies Limited.


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